Your safety sidekick

Early warning alerts, activity monitoring, lifestyle insights, quick SOS and AI-powered safety tips to keep your hive connected and protected whenever, wherever.

Curbeet is your Safety Best BuZZ‑y!

I’m your go-to buddy for all things safety, from natural hazards and weather woes to emergency situations.

Keep your community safe and one step ahead
– no fuss, no muss!

What makes Curbeet the bee’s knees?

Safety alerts

Receive early warning alerts and share them instantly with your family and friends.

Share and monitor locations

Keep tabs on family and friends’ locations while staying informed about environmental hazards like tropical cyclones, thunderstorms, lightning and more. 

Curbeet Buzz

Enhance your daily routine with custom lifestyle insights, from air quality and outdoor activity indexes to fitness tips and garden care.

Quick 911

Quickly connect to the nearest emergency hotline with just one tap


Instantly alert your contacts in an emergency with a quick shake of your phone.

AI-Powered Safety Chats

Get quick safety advice and emergency tips, powered by ChatGPT

Hive Marketplace

Your one-stop safety hub! From affordable insurance to emergency services, you’ll always be one step ahead in protecting yourself and your hive.

Pick your safety plan



Monitor 1 location

Natural Hazard Warnings:
Hourly updates


Chat Beezcuits:
5 per month for your AI-powered safety chats

With Ads


Php 49 monthly

Monitor up to 5 locations

Natural Hazard Warnings:
Hourly updates

Chat Beezcuits:
50 per month for your AI-powered safety chats
No Ads

Be safety savvy in these easy steps

Download and create an account
Activate your alerts and SOS
Add your emergency contacts
Buy some Beezcuits to enjoy more features!

Or upgrade to a Serious plan to unlock more safety features

Depending on your plan, select locations you want to receive alerts for
You’re all set!

Download Curbeet now!

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